Measuring for Outside Mount Complete Vertical Blinds

Measuring for Outside Mount Vertical Blinds

When opting for outside mount vertical blinds, you'll be installing them on the wall above your window. This installation method is particularly suitable for patio doors or sliding doors. For a precise fit, outside mount vertical blinds will be crafted according to the specific dimensions you provide. To accurately measure your windows for outside mount vertical blinds, adhere to these straightforward steps:

  1. Begin by reviewing the mounting requirements outlined for your chosen vertical blinds. This will ensure you have an adequate flat surface to accommodate the mounting hardware securely.

  2. In cases where your window lacks trim, it's advisable to extend your measurements by a minimum of four inches on each side of the window. This extension accounts for both light gap coverage and enhanced privacy. Clearly mark these additional measurements on both sides and then measure the width between these markers in a straight line. It's important to note that mounting vertical blinds onto a window trim is not recommended.

  3. Next, determine the height at which you'll order the blinds. If your window boasts a projecting sill, start your measurement from the sill and extend it three inches beyond the upper edge of the window opening. This allowance accommodates the necessary mounting hardware.

  4. In cases where there's no projecting window sill, it's advisable to initiate your measurement two inches below the sill. This approach ensures maximum coverage. Then, extend the measurement three inches beyond the top of the window opening to provide space for mounting hardware.

  5. Always verify that your measurements are presented in the width by height format (W x H). Keep in mind that when it comes to outside mount vertical blinds, your product will be crafted precisely to the dimensions you specify.

By following these steps, you'll be able to measure your windows accurately for outside mount vertical blinds, resulting in a perfectly tailored fit for your space.