How To Measure For Inside Mount Complete Vertical Blinds

How to Measure for Inside Mount Vertical Blinds Inside mount vertical blinds are designed to be installed within the window frame or casing, offering a neat and stylish appearance that highlights your windows dimensions and trim. If you're interested in measuring for inside mount vertical blinds, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Measure the depth of your window frame, starting from the front of the opening to the glass. This measurement is crucial to ensure that your window recess meets the minimum depth requirement for a successful inside mount installation. Consult the Mounting Requirements section associated with your chosen window treatment to verify that your window satisfies the necessary conditions for an inside mount. If there's a door handle, ensure that there's sufficient space in front of it for proper mounting.

  2. Determine the width of your window opening. Record only the width measurement at the upper part of your window opening, which is relevant for vertical blinds.

  3. Assess the height of your window opening in three distinct spots: left, center, and right. Identify the shortest measurement among the three and mark it – this is the measurement you will provide as the height of your window.

  4. When placing an order, use the precise opening dimensions without any deductions. The manufacturing process will incorporate any required deductions.

  5. Confirm that your measurements adhere to the width by height format (W x H).

By adhering to these instructions, you can accurately measure for inside mount vertical blinds, ensuring a seamless and tailored fit for your windows.