How do I measure vertical blind slats for replacement?

To measure vertical blind slats for replacement, follow these steps:

  1. Remove one slat: Take out one of the existing slats from your vertical blind. Most vertical blinds have slats that can be easily unhooked or detached from the carriers.

  2. Measure the length: Lay the slat flat on a smooth surface. Measure the length from the top edge to the bottom edge in inches. Make sure to measure from the top of the slat to the bottom. 

  3. Note the width: Measure the width of the slat. This is the horizontal distance across the slat. the width of vertical blind slats is 3.5 (3 1/2") 

  4. Count the slats: Count the total number of slats you need to replace. This count will help you determine how many replacement slats you should purchase.

  5. Optional: Check the material and color: If you are looking to match the existing slats precisely, note the material and color of the slats you have. This will help you find replacement slats that closely match your current ones.

Once you have these measurements and details, you can shop for the appropriate vertical blind replacement slats Remember that it's always a good idea to double-check your measurements before making a purchase to ensure a proper fit for your vertical blinds.