How do I remove and install new vertical blind slats?

To remove and install new vertical blind slats, follow these steps:

Removing Vertical Blind Slats:

  1. Open the blinds: Rotate the blinds open to expose the carrier stems or tracks along the headrail.

  2. Unhook the slats: For most vertical blinds, the slats are attached to the carrier stems by small plastic hooks or clips. Gently unhook the top of each slat from the carrier stems one by one. We suggest using a thin stiff piece of plastic or cardboard to use between the slat and stem. This avoids breaking the plastic stem

Installing New Vertical Blind Slats:

  1. Measure the slats: If you have purchased new replacement slats, measure and trim them to the appropriate length if needed, ensuring they match the dimensions of your existing slats.

  2. Insert the slats: One by one, slide the top of each new slat into the carrier stems or tracks. Make sure they are correctly positioned and hang evenly with the other slats.

  3. Test the blinds: Once all the new slats are installed, test the blinds by rotating them open and closed to ensure they function smoothly.

Remember to handle the slats with care to avoid any damage during the removal and installation process. If you encounter any difficulties, Please gives us a call at 727-264-700 or chat with us online at