Absolutely! Once we receive your order. We will process the exact length provided. It’s very import to insure your measurements are correct. If you have questions, please call us prior to placing your order.

All our vinyl and fabric slats meet NFPA 701 Small Scale – National Fire Protection Association fire and flammability as required in building code specifications. Our vinyl slats are “self extinguishing” and will not burn providing there is no flame source.

Different types of vinyl slats exist, from the clear translucent slats to light filtering to the room darkening slats. Note that heavily textured vinyl slats will sometimes be less opaque.

Yes, all our products meet or exceed the highest United States standards.

Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification for 2015

Yes, our products are made of 100% recyclable vinyl. Consult your local municipal regulation for pick-up or drop off centers.

Vinyl slats contain an anti-static formulation. However, should your vinyl slats attain a static buildup, use two anti-static material strips or fabric softener sheets (like the one’s used in your clothes dryer) and gently wipe once from top to bottom. This will eliminate any static build up between slats, repeat as often as required.

All rigid vinyl manufactured products contain No Latex substances.

No, all vinyl manufactured products contain No Added Lead, the use of lead stabilizers is strictly forbidden in North America for use in vertical, and valance products.

Only if you’re picking up or having product shipped in the state of Florida. If you do live in Florida, you will be charged a Florida state tax of 7%.

Removing a slat or vane from your existing vertical blind without breaking the stem.

  1. First, get a flat thin object (credit card, etc.)
  2. Next, slide the thin flat object up the vane on the hook side of the vane holder.
  3. Then, slide the vane and thin flat object down and out of the vane holder.

TIP:  If the process is difficult, verify that the vane is not sliding back onto the hook.

Most of our product can be manufactured and shipped the same day if ordered by 11 am EST. Products are shipped via FedEx Ground and shipping times average 1-5  business days, depending on your location.

Fabric Vanes:

  • Periodic feather dusting or vacuuming will keep the fabric fresh.
  • Spot clean any stains by applying a mild soap and water solution with a sponge or cloth.
  • Check color fastness first by cleaning an inconspicuous area of the vane.
  • DO NOT machine wash or dry clean.

Vinyl Vanes:

  • Apply a mild soap and cold or warm water solution with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • DO NOT use abrasive or strong cleansers as they may scratch vane’s surface.
  • Dry with a cloth towel to avoid water marks.

Light Filtering: Light is filtered to varying degrees depending on fabric style and color; silhouettes of objects and people are visible through the slats.

Openness: The amount of UV ray blockage is the inverse of a fabric’s openness factor (i.e., a fabric with 5% openness blocks 95% of UV rays).

Room Darkening: Light is substantially block; vague shadows  of objects or people may be visible; maximum room darkening is achieved with darker colors.

If you have no fraction to add, chose: “None” in the drop down menu.

When measuring your vertical slat, it may not be a whole number. You’ll need to add the corresponding fraction:

1/8” (i.e 1/8=.125, 1/4=.25, 3/8=.375, 1/2=.5, 5/8=.625, 3/4=.75, 7/8=.875)

If you don’t have a fraction to add, chose: “None”

Replacement parts can be purchased for a vertical blind.  To purchase replacement vanes, you can click on the link below:


Click Here

Yes, the slat holes are universal and will definitely fit your existing vertical track.

Vinyl louvers are manufactured using a highly engineered grade of interior “UV” protected vinyl material. All vinyl slats come with a limited 3 year warranty against discoloration.